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As nice as I was, as understanding as I could be
As much as I let you walk all over me
It wasn't enough
You still had to play rough
So, now you'll see what an asshole I can be

I never wanted it to be like this
I tried to be cool, and I tried to be reasonable
But you were bent on bein' such a bitch
You wanna play that game? It's a shame:
To make life miserable for you's what I got to do
I'm makin' your life miserable for you
And you got no one to blame but yourself
And all the fucked up shit you pulled, well, it's true


When you first said to me that this was it, it hurt so fuckin bad
It's the worst feelin' I ever had
Couldn't believe that you would pull this shit
But now I'm glad you're gone; been so long that I'd been puttin' up with you
What I've got to do is make life fuckin' miserable for you.
What you deserve's even worse than you'll get
'Cause you're a stupid fuckin' bitch, so get screwed

Oh, I may not be able to sink as low as you
I don't know how you can
I don't know what you're goin' through
But there's no excuse
So now I'm showin' you
What spoiled bitches get when they can't act like grownups

I think I'll start by sayin' your dad's a douche bag
He never really loved you, and I know you fuckin' knew that
And maybe that's how you became a person so lame
That you can't respect yourself
Even your family feels the same

You're gettin' anything you can for your booty
That's probably why you fucked m when you hardly even knew me
And we both know I wasn't the first
By the time you got to me, you had that shit rehearsed

I get so bored airing your dirty laundry
That it blows my mind
I mean, it really is beyond me
That you'd rather keep on than move on
When does the nightmare end?
It's already been way too long

It isn't that I want to be a prick
You just pushed so damn hard, took your craziness way too far
And I just let you get away with it
It must have pissed you off when you saw I'm a better person and so

You just sunk so low
By actin' like a wicked crazy hoe
Now maybe when I become the asshole
You'll get the hint and fuckin' leave me alone


The things you did were so complex and nuts,
I can't put em in a song; I would have to make it way too long
That's what you get for havin' sex with sluts
You're scared of a disease, but VD is not the worst those hoes can do

Oh my friend, it's true
They'll make life fuckin' miserable for you
And you've got no one to blame but yourself
You fucked her even when you knew she's bad news


Oi! Oi!

Yo soy rude boy!


from Heavy & Horny, released June 17, 2013



all rights reserved


Necktie Killer Bend, Oregon

Necktie Killer is an independent, grass roots, 7 piece rock band out of Bend, Oregon. The best cliche to describe this band is 'rugged, yet refined.' The often crass yet somehow eloquent lyrical content combines with exquisite musical arrangement, catchy melodies, and myriad stylistic influences to create a unique musical experience. ... more

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