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There's an army, it's assembling now
Three blocks from downtown
Round now's when they come around
And right now I'm hangin' out with Larry

Pull out a tarnished flask and pass it around
Pound it down, it lasts. Magic Flask has enough for everyone
Cops are on the way but we aren't really caring


With all these d-bags drinkin' Pabst, Larry hands my ass a flask
And he'll say "cheers" or "bottoms up"
We let the hours pass hangin' with Larry and his flask
And we don't need no stinkin cups

Party's crowded and there's more on the way
Well that's ok, 'cause we ain't really got a fuckin' fire code
And tonight we burn it down on Black Butte

Workin' tomorrow, but I'm drinkin' today
Well this ain't the first time Larry's got me doin' stupid shit
You don't like it? Well, nobody fuckin' asked you


This little shindig was a BYOB
But not for me, I drink for free whenever I'm with Larry
Yeah, that flask of his has got me feelin' sloppy

Right now I'm actin like an H-O-L-E
Well that's me: the SOB that doesn't worry what you think
Got your sister screamin' "get this bastard off me!"



from Heavy & Horny, released June 17, 2013



all rights reserved


Necktie Killer Bend, Oregon

Necktie Killer is an independent, grass roots, 7 piece rock band out of Bend, Oregon. The best cliche to describe this band is 'rugged, yet refined.' The often crass yet somehow eloquent lyrical content combines with exquisite musical arrangement, catchy melodies, and myriad stylistic influences to create a unique musical experience. ... more

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